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Who knew making friends as an adult was so hard? Paird is an online community connecting like minded couples to create meaningful friendships.

Set up your relationship so you and your partner can browse together. All gender identities are welcome here.

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If only finding other couples to hang with these days was as easy as stumbling into Central Perk and meeting the Ross and Rachel to your Monica and Chandler. Whether you just moved to a new city with your partner, or want to check out the newest brewery in town with another IPA loving couple, Paird is here to help you meet your new couple BFFs.



Getting started with Paird is easy. When you setup your account, we'll automatically connect you with other couples we think you'd vibe with based on your and your partners mutual interests. It's basically magic.

Did you connect with a couple you think might be your new (platonic) soulmates? Hit up one of our Paird events, or join them to check out the new restaurant, brewery or concert in town.